Moving Average Indicator Example MT4

Moving Average Indicator

The Moving Average Indicator is another very popular indicator.

It works basically, just like in the picture to the left.

After you have input your settings, such as the time period and mode, the Moving Average Indicator will create a line from those values.

This line will correspond to the chart you are using and will give you a "Moving Average".

You can use it however you want to. The most common way to use it, is to buy when the price closes above the line and sell when it goes below.

Sounds easy right!? Well maybe not quite that easy!

Once you try it yourself though, you will see that there are a few hurdles to jump.

If it was that easy, we would all be very rich over night!

However, it is very practical and once mastered can be extremely profitable.

Included with this indicator, as included with all the indicator EA's, are the answers to the following questions...

  1. How do I use multiple indicators on my autotrader?
  2. How do I create several different trade opening and closing conditions?
  3. How do I backtest my trading strategies?
  4. How do I safely remove or add code to my expert advisors current code?
  5. What does everything in the strategy tester results mean?

All of the above questions and more are answered within this package.

Our goal is for you to become a successful trader...

We all have a similar dream... That dream is to live a life that is more secure, fully enjoyable and stress free.

That is the whole point behind auto trading.

Now, if you are ready to start living that dream...

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