Manual Automated Trading for MT4

Have you ever been watching a chart... and could see where you would definitely like to place a future trade?

Knowing that it will probably be profitable for you?

BUT, as time goes by... you end up missing that promising trade spot completely, by either placing your trade to soon or to late?

In actuality hitting ALL the spots that you would have thought "NO" to, when first examining the approaching trade?

So, what happens when you can simply pre-plan your highly profitable "YES" trades, in a multitude of different ways, on a multitude of different charts?

And what if you can also predetermine what happens if the trade doesn't go as planned?

This is the backbone of HYBRID V1.0...

What if you never missed a Golden opportunity ever again???

Whether its a year from now, a month from now or a half hour from now...

Using our newest Manual Automated Trading EA, HYBRID V1.0 for MT4... You will be able to simply pre-sketch your actions and feel confident, knowing that your trades will be placed on target...

While also knowing that the trade will close itself, as you wish it to.


There are a few different features built into the HYBRID V1.0 expert advisor:

  • Trendline Trading and Closing

  • Price Trading and Closing

  • RSI Trading and Closing

  • MACD Trading and Closing

  • No Minimum Stoploss/TakeProfit

  • AutoStopLoss/TakeProfit

  • Custom Magic Numbers for use of the EA, on multiple charts

  • If you would like to see the simplicity of using the HYBRID EA, feel free to watch this short video...


    The ability to use trendlines, for trade entering and exit points, is one of the most powerful abilities that the HYBRID EA has.

    You simply draw your charts trendlines on MT4, name them BUY or SELL, turn on trendtrading, and the EA will open your trades when the price passes and returns through the trendline.

    So, imagine that you are studying the price of Gold on the daily chart. You see a clear trend has began to develop... So what do you do now?

    Now, you can simply draw out your trendline and wait, but you don't have to be glued to your phone or computer.

    The EA has it taken care of for you. Once that price is a few ticks away from your trendline, a trade is soon to be opened.

    You could be on Vacation or Sleeping and the EA will have you covered. You won't miss a single tick. Its auto trading at its finest.

    The exact way that it works is best shown in the pictures below...

    STEP 1: Draw out TrendLines

    Draw out and name your two Trendlines (in all CAPS) as "BUY" and "SELL" or just use one. Once a Trendline is named "BUY" or "SELL" the autotrader will use it to open trades according to its placement.

    Hybrid V1.0 - Naming Trendlines

    STEP 2: Turn on TrendTrading

    In "Expert Advisors--->Properties", turn TrendTrading ON by replacing the default setting of "0", with "1", as seen below. Now the autotrader is ready to place trades using your trendlines.

    Hybrid V1.0 - TrendLine Trading ON

    STEP 3: Set TrendLine trading bars

    You can make a trendline on a weekly chart, daily, h4, h1, m30 all the way down to m1. Whatever you prefer. The Trendlines will integrate themselves through all chart timeframes.

    The autotrader will only place a trendline trade if the previous bar has touched the trendline and the current bars bid is above the trendline. This is to protect you as a trader from a break in the trendline, such as in the picture below.

    Hybrid V1.0 - Trend Precautions

    The autotrader would not open a trade in this situation, as the bid never came back through the trendline. You can set the number of bars the autotrader has to wait, in case the bid once again passes through the trendline in the direction of your desired trade. The current default is 10.

    Meaning that if the price has gone through the trendline and has not returned back within 10 bars the EA will not place a trade.

    You can of course set this number to 5,10,20, etc... Whatever you decide works best for your trading strategy.(As seen below)

    STEP 4: Trendline Closing

    You can also turn ON or OFF, TrendClosing.

    This means that if the price goes below the trendline for a certain number of bars, that the trade will close automatically. This number of bars is set, by default, at 5 bars. It is able to be customized, as well.(As seen below)

    NOTE: This function is set up only using the last bar and the 5th bar, by default. The program will close the trade if the 5th bar(open and close) and the previous bar(open and close) are both below a buy trendline or both above a sell trendline. It does not take into consideration the bars in between.


    The next very powerful tool in the HYBRID EA is the ability to turn ON or OFF Price Trading or Price Closing.

    Hybrid V1.0 - Price Trading

    Price trading is when you see a price you want to place a trade at and you simply type that price into the EA.

    Once the Price hits your target a trade will be opened.

    Once it's in the EA and price trading is turned ON, you no longer have to sit and wait for that price to arrive.

    All Price Trading in this EA uses the Bid Price and Never the Ask price, just to keep things simple.

    You can also turn ON or OFF Price Closing, which is simply the above, in reverse.

    Pick the spots that your trade will open or close at and voila.

    Let the robot stay awake 24 hours a day waiting, instead of you...

    There are two ways to open buy(Long) trades and two ways to open Sell(Short) trades.

    If the price goes above this price "______" open Buy/Sell trade.


    If the price goes below this price "______" open Buy/Sell trade.

    Closing with price works in the same way.


    Hybrid V1.0 - RSI Trading

    RSI Trading is just as it sounds. It uses the Relative Strength Index(RSI) indicator, to place trades for you.

    You have 4 options, like in PriceTrading. If RSI is above "____" open Buy/Sell trade... OR... If RSI is below "____" open Buy/Sell trade.

    The RSI settings by default are set to a period of 14, but can also be customized, as seen below...

    Hybrid V1.0 - RSI Trading

    Naturally, the same system is used for Closing Trades with RSI.

    If RSI less than "_____"... Close Buy/Sell OR If RSI Greater than "_____"... Close Buy/Sell.


    Hybrid V1.0 - RSI Trading

    MACD Trading works in a similar way to RSI, but with some additional options.

    You can trade with MACD in the following ways...

    1. (Value Based Trading) If MACD MAIN is Greater than/Less than "____"... Open Buy/Sell trade.

    2. (Value Based Trading) If MACD SIGNAL is Greater than/Less than "____"... Open Buy/Sell trade.

    3. (Signal Based Trading) If SIGNAL/MAIN Greater than/Less than MAIN/SIGNAL... Open Buy/Sell trade.


    Something that often bothers many traders, who like to make very tight trades, is the brokers minimum stoplosses.

    No min StopLoss

    It forces a trader to accept a predetermined(by them) minimum loss of profit, if the trade goes south.

    Maybe the trader has a busy day and can't monitor their trade... Now they are forced to take the brokers minimum loss.

    With Hybrid, you simply set your minimum loss point as a price to close your trade. Even if it is only one point away.

    It does need to be noted that with this method, as with all price trading methods with this EA, that the StopLoss is based on the Bid price and never the ask, simply to keep things easier(AutoStopLoss/AutoTakeProfit being the Only Exception).

    Creating your TakeProfit with No Minimum, works in the exact same way.


    "I always define my risk, and I don't have to worry about it." Tony Saliba

    The difference with using AutoStopLoss and Price based StopLoss, is that it can be set once and repeated with every trade without ever being turned off.

    For example... Maybe you trade Eur/Usd often, so you know that if a trade goes in the opposite direction more than .005 cents(in price), you will always want your trade to close.

    To do this, you simply go to the AutoStopLoss section of your EA and type in .005. Now, turn AutoStopLoss on. This means that any time that your trade goes South by .005 your trade will automatically close.

    You only have to set it once and can change it or turn it OFF at any time.

    This type of Stoploss is based on the OrderOpenPrice.

    So, if the Bid is 1.22201 and the Ask is 1.22221, then for a Buy trade your AutoStopLoss will be based on the Ask price (1.22221). A Sell trade on the other hand will be based on the Bid price(1.22201).


    Now what good is a powerful EA like HYBRID, if you can only use it on one chart at a time?

    The obvious answer... Not much good at all...

    custom magic numbers

    Which is why the HYBRID EA gives you the ability to create new Magic Numbers for each chart that it is attached to.

    For those who aren't familiar with MagicNumbers, they are simply 6 numbers that make up an ID for a trade. The trade will be opened with that ID and can be closed using it as well.

    There are two reasons why this is very advantageous...

    1. You can trade every single symbol using the same EA...

    2. You can open as many trades as you want under the same symbol, using different trade opening and closing criteria.

    Let's imagine that you are only wanting to trade GOLD, but you want to use several trendlines on several different timeframes.

    Maybe you have a trendline on the weekly chart, but you also want to have one on the daily, the h1 and the m5.

    All you need to do is open up each one of those chart timeframes and attach the EA to each chart separately, giving them each an individual timeframe with there own "BUY" and/or "SELL" trendlines.

    This makes trading much simpler, as opposed to switching time-frames several times and renaming Trendlines and moving Trendlines constantly.

    Click here to review all of the specific inputs of HYBRID V1.0 and how to use them (Including how to install the HYBRID EA.)

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