Introducing: The Ultimate Fibonacci EA!

The Ultimate Fibonacci EA

Blinking Alert Fibonacci Alert Head and Shoulders Alert New Swing High


Harness the Power of Fibonacci retracements and Advanced Pattern Recognition

What is it?

Ride the waves of the Forex market with unparalleled precision using the Ultimate Fibonacci EA. This state-of-the-art MT4 based Expert Advisor (EA) not only recognizes significant market patterns and swings but also integrates seamlessly with your Fibonacci retracement tool. Just plot your Fibonacci tool on the chart, and let the EA handle the rest!

Let pattern recognition notify you when potential trend reversals have occured, so you can draw your fibs and jump in at the start of the new trends.

Key Features:

Fibonacci Retracement tool Integration:

Fibonacci tool zonesFibonacci tool integration

Automated Trade Entries:

Pattern Recognition:

That's right, the EA comes equipped with a fine tuned pattern recognition algorithm. Take a break from the charts and let the EA scan for reversal patterns for you!

Head & Shoulder Pattern


You may already have this indicator installed in your MT4 terminal. Just check your indicators folder for its presence.

You can download this indicator HERE, if needed.(You do not need to place the indicator on your chart, the EA will use it automatically when saved with your other indicators.)

Just download the .mq4 file. When you open it, it should automatically open in your MetaEditor. Next, press compile or 'F7' on your keyboard and it should be available for use. You may have to restart your MT4 terminal if it doesn't immediately show up as an available indicator in your MT4 terminal.

Dynamic Swing High/Low Notifications:

New Swing High Fibonacci EA

Adapt to market volatility with our EA's sophisticated algorithm that identifies and notifies you of new swing highs and lows. It constantly analyzes price action, giving you the upper hand as trends shift.

These Swing High/Low signals, along with the Head and Shoulders, Inverse Head and Shoulders, Double Top and Double Bottom signals, are all cored around the ZigZag indicator.

You can change the ZigZag settings that are used AND the timeframe which it produces its signals on, or simply keep the default values.

ZigZag Pattern Recognition in Fibonacci EA

Real-time Notifications:

Phone notifications fibonacci

Get alerts straight to your cellphone:

Never miss a critical trading opportunity again. Our EA delivers immediate notifications directly to your mobile device, ensuring you're always in the loop, no matter where you are.

If you've enabled the SendNotifications feature, ensure your MT4 platform is set up to receive notifications. Here's how:

  1. Open MT4 and go to Tools > Options.
  2. Switch to the "Notifications" tab.
  3. Ensure "Enable Push Notifications" is checked.
  4. Enter your MetaQuotes ID. This can be found in the settings of your MT4 mobile application.
  5. Click "Test" to ensure you receive notifications.

Enhanced Visual Indicators for Clear Guidance::

Arrow Signals

Navigate the markets effortlessly with intuitive arrows that highlight key Fibonacci zones upon being reached. These visual cues provide a clear indication of market entry or exit points, simplifying your trading decisions.

Automated Profit Management:

EA Triggers

With the 'InProfitTP' setting, you no longer need to guess the perfect moment to take profits. Specify your desired profit threshold as a percentage, and let the EA close the trade when it hits. For instance, if you set a 2% risk per trade and desire a closure at a 6% gain, input 0.06 as your 'InProfitTP' value.

Maximize your gains with our sophisticated trailing stop loss feature, guided by the Parabolic SAR indicator. It automatically adjusts to keep your profits safe as the market moves.

You also have the ability to adjust the Parabolic SAR "Step" setting, to make for a tighter or looser Trailing Stop.

Fibonacci Expert Advisor Parabolic SAR Trailing Stop Loss

The EA's break-even functionality adds another layer of security, locking in profits to safeguard your investment from market reversals. Once your profits have reached your chosen trigger, the EA will automatically place your stoploss at BreakEven until the trade closes or one of your other triggers kick in.

Adjust 'InProfitTP', 'TrailStopTrigger', or 'BreakEvenTrigger' to your preferred profit level, and the EA manages the nuances of order closure and risk management seamlessly for you.

Each of these features can be easily turned ON/OFF in the EA settings.

Customizable Hours of Operations for Text Notifications:

Fibonacci Expert Advisor Trading Hours

Tailor your trading strategy to perfection by setting specific hours for the EA to send signals. This customization ensures that your automated trading aligns with market sessions and volatility periods that best suit your strategy, giving you the control to engage the market on your terms.

Advanced HUD (Heads Up Display):

Fibonacci Expert Advisor HUD (HEADS UP DISPLAY)

A Fusion of Convenience and Strategy

1. Dual Timeframe Trend Monitoring


Stay ahead with real-time trend analysis without the hassle of switching charts. Our HUD keeps you informed of the 2 major trends of your choosing.

2. Tailored Trading Control

Empower your trading strategy with customizable options. Whether you prefer engaging in auto-trade entries, utilizing trailing stops, or setting breakeven triggers, our HUD keeps you updated on the active functionalities.

3. Intelligent Lot Sizing

Confidently enter trades with lot sizes calculated based on your predefined risk level. Our smart lot-sizing feature provides you with the optimal lot size for both buy and sell orders.

4. Financial Goal Tracking

Keep your trading objectives in clear view. Our HUD displays your risk amount per trade in dollars, your targeted account balance, and the estimated number of trades needed to reach your goal.

5. Fibonacci-Inspired Lot Sizing

Elevate your technical analysis with lot sizes calculated using the Fibonacci retracement tool. This innovative feature determines the ideal lot size while placing your stop loss at the initial swing point of the Fibonacci sequence.


Practice your fibonacci trading in the strategy tester in visual mode:

Yes , that's correct! You can actually test the EA using the visual mode of the strategy tester.

Draw your fibs and let the trader place and close trades. Redraw or move the fibonacci retracement tool to make more trades.

It's a great way to practice using the EA in a faster than normal speed.

***To improve the speed of the visual strategy tester, be sure to turn off the HUD, as it slows down the speed of the tester.***

Please note: Forex trading carries risks. Trading decisions based on this information are at your discretion.

Get Started Now!

Embrace the future of Fibonacci trading.


***NOTE: Be sure to turn "AutoTradeForTesterON" to "false", as it is only used for the MQL5 Market tester for EA validation. ***